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Another Miserable Friday by Kozak-the-Insomniac Another Miserable Friday :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 9 4 Kozak's Pork Attack Sandwich by Kozak-the-Insomniac Kozak's Pork Attack Sandwich :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 7 6
Wandering Thoughts: Why Lori Loud is Hated
So here I am, alone on a Saturday night, boozing it up and rambling about cartoons to forget about the extremely shitty week I had at work.  Anyway…
Ever since getting into The Loud House late last year, I noticed a theme among many fans’ opinions of a certain character (even though opinions are pretty diverse among this particular fanbase).  What I’m talking about is that it’s common for Lori to be ranked near or at the bottom of the list of favorite Loud sisters.  The question though, is this hate for Lori justified?
Personally, I think so.  Lori is right at the bottom of my favorite Loud sisters, though I don’t HATE Lori (I reserve hate only for real people that deserve it, such as SJWs and management where I work), I just dislike Lori (with Lisa being a very close second, but that’s another topic).  Not only do I find Lori to be downright loathsome in certain episodes, I don’t think she works well as a character a g
:iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 5 3
Meet the Artist Meme:  Kozak-the-Insomniac by Kozak-the-Insomniac Meet the Artist Meme: Kozak-the-Insomniac :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 4 3 Lori Loud's Reaction to Pat From Moonachie by Kozak-the-Insomniac Lori Loud's Reaction to Pat From Moonachie :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 4 0 Smug Ren by Kozak-the-Insomniac Smug Ren :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 7 6 The Loud House_Did I Do That Final by Kozak-the-Insomniac The Loud House_Did I Do That Final :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 29 13 The Loud House-Did I Do That WIP by Kozak-the-Insomniac The Loud House-Did I Do That WIP :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 13 10
The Forbidden Cinnamon Roll: Violent Playground
Lincoln bumps into Lisa as he makes his way to Lynn’s room, and Lisa is none too pleased.
LISA:  Watch yourself, Lincoln…
LINCOLN:  What are you talking about?
LISA:  Luna was asking me about your sudden change in physique.
LINCOLN:  So…?  I don’t even know how I’m like this now.
LISA:  No one’s gonna believe you if you tell them puberty suddenly makes you a mesomorph.  I told her you had an extremely rare rapid muscle growth condition with a heightened metabolism, and from now on, tell them you have that.  That’s far more believable than telling them it’s from puberty.
LINCOLN:  *Sigh* Fine…
LISA:  Are you ready to turn Matt and Bridgett into bloody pulps?
LINCOLN:  About that…I just want to move on from this because Leni’s forgotten about it, too.
LISA:  What?!  What happened to your honor?  An honorable brother provides justice if one of his sisters
:iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 3 8
The Loud House-Happy Valentine's Day Linky by Kozak-the-Insomniac The Loud House-Happy Valentine's Day Linky :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 37 10 Loud Sisters Laughing at the Baby Bird by Kozak-the-Insomniac
Mature content
Loud Sisters Laughing at the Baby Bird :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 3 2
JumpJump Lucy Loud Mug on a Saturday Mid-Morning by Kozak-the-Insomniac JumpJump Lucy Loud Mug on a Saturday Mid-Morning :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 10 5
Controversial Opinion: Driving Miss Hazy
I updated this review with better prose and info.  Thank you DandyAndy1989, Just-Def, and zRei for inadvertently getting me to update the review with information they provided in the comment section.
Rating:  12/100
For any Loud House fans that watch me on this site, you probably know I like this cartoon a good deal, and while not an indictment exclusive to The Loud House, it has its share of episodes that invoke feelings range from "meh" to "kill me now."  Of course, which episodes that evoke such emotions are quite varied (though it seems like "Brawl in the Family" is the one fans currently hate the most, which I haven't seen yet).  However, the one I despise the most right now is one fans generally like (or even love), "Driving Miss Hazy."
"But DOF, this episode focuses on your favorite character, Leni!"
Yes, this episode does focus on the purest cinnamon roll in the show (and arguably in the entire realm of Nicktoons), and while it does pain me to
:iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 5 38
The Forbidden Cinnamon Roll: The Best Day Ever
Saturday October 13. 2018
The rays of sunlight on a chilly yet bright dawn break through the windows of Leni’s room, waking up Lincoln.  As he rubs the crust and dreariness from his eyes, he looks at his older sister, who is still asleep.  Leni looked so tranquil and contented in her slumber that he didn’t want to wake her up, especially knowing how devastated she was the night before.  He snuck out of bed to get himself ready for the day he had planned out for Leni.  When he got into the bathroom, he felt rather different, and when he took off his shirt, what he saw shocked him.
LINCOLN:  Aaah!  My torso and arms…they’re so hard and chiseled.  Is this a part of puberty?
After completing his morning routine, he goes back into Leni’s room, and she had just woken up.  As she sat on the bed stretching out her arms and yawning while in her turquoise night gown, she looked like as if Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, ha
:iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 19 15
The Forbidden Cinnamon Roll: Temptation's Dawn
This story takes place two years after the current setting of The Loud House.
Friday October 5, 2018
It was a breezy, chilly autumn afternoon in Royal Woods, Michigan.  Lincoln and Clyde were in Lincoln’s room, reading the latest issue of Ace Savvy and snacking on pizza rolls and root beer.  They both hear Leni storm into the house screaming with joy.
LENI:  I got a date to the Autumn Dance at school!!!
LUNA:  Who’s dancing with you?
LENI:  Matt Leonard!  Like, he’s the star quarterback in the football team and totes the hottest hunk in school!
LUNA:  Wow, Matt Leonard?!  You lucky gal!
LENI:  I know, right?!
Lincoln and Clyde walk out of the room to join the conversation.
LUNA:  What’s all the hubbub?
LENI:  I’m going to the Autumn Dance with Matt Leonard!
LUNA:  He’s one rockin’ slab of beefcake!
LINCOLN:  Oh okay…
CLYDE:  Good for you, Leni.
:iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 24 12
TLH__The Forbidden Cinnamon Roll__First Kiss by Kozak-the-Insomniac TLH__The Forbidden Cinnamon Roll__First Kiss :iconkozak-the-insomniac:Kozak-the-Insomniac 76 52


Pentip Kiss by CoyoteRom Pentip Kiss :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 206 48 Cute Luan Loud (color) by Julex93 Cute Luan Loud (color) :iconjulex93:Julex93 28 9 Time for a Makeover by CoyoteRom Time for a Makeover :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 568 169 A Break From the Darkness by CoyoteRom A Break From the Darkness :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 622 99 Rhonda by MarcosBnPinto Rhonda :iconmarcosbnpinto:MarcosBnPinto 18 6 NSFW Clynn by Sonson-Sensei
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NSFW Clynn :iconsonson-sensei:Sonson-Sensei 40 17
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Despite my best efforts to keep the new job I got back in April, I got disqualified for totally arbitrary reasons.  While the union might be able to do something about it, I'm not betting on it because I didn't have union seniority for that particular job.  As a backup plan, it looks like a better job opened up at a different service center and will try to get that.
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Another Miserable Friday
WARNING:  Lengthy description up ahead.

This has been something floating around in my brain for a while, greatly inspired by Barney Gumble's short film featured in The Simpsons episode "A Star is Burns" (with a line directly taken from Barney's film), this superb drawing done by my good friend Khialat, and the Ronald Hanmer tune "Bits and Pieces," the latter two which you can check out below.

Visions of Heartbreak Past by Khialat…

Ever since I was a young lad, there have been cartoon and anime girls that I've either had crushes on or at the very least was very fascinated with and sympathetic to, and despite pushing 30 as of writing this, I fairly recently found out that it can still happen with me. 

Sally Acorn was the most notable cartoon crush I had when I was a kid because ever since I first saw SatAM Sonic back in '93 (and a year later the Archie Sonic comics), I had a crush on Sally from then until around '98 or '99.  I loved Sally a whole lot back in the day because she had such stunning looks and had so many sterling qualities to her character (leadership, combat etc.), and even named a cat the family got back in '94 after her (she died in '08).  I guess you could say that from 1993 to '99, I was a furry.  Even as a grown man, I still think SatAM is a good cartoon and Sally is still a great character IMO.

Back in 2002, I got into the anime phase of my life (which essentially croaked a few years ago) and two anime titles that still resonate very well with me today are Akira and Doomed Megalopolis.  The thing that shocked the hell out of me the most when I first saw Akira was witnessing Tetsuo Shima's girlfriend, Kaori, get subjected to grizzly sexual abuse by enemy bikers and then get crushed to death by a gigantic blob of flesh, despite her being the most sympathetic character in the whole movie.  Despite loving the movie, I was gravely disappointed that Kaori suffered such a cruel fate and wanted her to live so badly.  When I found out the Borders in my neck of the woods sold volumes of the Akira manga, I did a crapton of chores to buy them (this was a few years before I got a job), and like the anime, I loved it, but again, Kaori died near the end (though her death wasn't nearly as gruesome in the manga version).  Because of the brutality Kaori experienced in Akira, I became extremely fascinated with her and desperately wanted alternate endings for both the anime and manga versions of Akira where she lived (which I believe I wrote out back then, but I lost them a long time ago).

Yukari Tatsumiya from Doomed Megalopolis was another anime girl I was deeply fascinated with and sympathetic to because like Kaori from Akira, she was extremely innocent and between getting raped by her brother Youchiro and Kato's acts of supernatural cruelty in using her as a tool in his attempts to destroy Tokyo, she turns from a happy-go-lucky young woman to a mentally-scarred and dysfunctional woman.  Witnessing her character turn like this is undoubtedly saddening (though not anything close to making me squirt tears), though my young mind back then didn't really demand a happier ending for Yukari because at the time, I thought her character living at the end was good enough.  In the years that followed, I spent a lot of time trying to create a story that I thought would become some ultimate masterpiece, and used Yukari's character as the basis for the protagonist's love interest because of how fascinated I was with her attire, beauty, and innocence (I gave up on such a creative endeavor because of the shift in career goals I had 3-4 years ago).

Fast forward to 2016 and after hearing so much hype about The Loud House, I decided to give it a go, and despite expecting to hate Leni Loud because of her character type (I'm not really a fan of "dumb blondes" in fiction), she turned out to be my favorite character in the show (and one of my favorites in the entire realm of Nicktoons).  This is so because Leni's airheaded tendencies are usually the funniest parts of the episodes she's in and that her warm and sweet personality makes her very endearing (which is why so many fans, myself included, refer to Leni as "the purest cinnamon roll").  Needless to say, I really wish I could find a single young woman with Leni's traits (though not quite as dim).

Now to the artwork itself...

The chap on the couch is me, and this is how I am sometimes on a Friday evening.  Depressed, angry, alone, longing to go back to the past for various reasons, and getting loaded on booze and beer-battered pork chops (if anyone wants the pork chop recipe, send me a note).  A myriad of factors have made me like this, but the strongest ones are the chronic insomnia I have, the constant battle to get where I want in life jobwise, the struggle of my hermetic tendencies and wanting to be with others (occasionally the lack of romantic relationships is part of this), and rarely spending time with friends because of the different lives we have.  The depression that stemmed from this tends to get at its worst during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and several weeks after Christmas (the depression I experienced periodically last Christmas season were the absolute worst spells of depression I had in my entire life).  I imagined what it would be like if the cartoon and anime girls I've been fond of over the years could actually witness me in such a lowly state, and did my best to draw out their individual reactions according to their personalities and experiences in the pieces of fiction they're from.

Despite the strong presence of liquor in the drawing, I'm NOT an alcoholic.  I not only want to get a job in commercial transportation (drunk driving violations are a death sentence for such a career), I know all too well about how alcoholism can destroy lives because it killed my dad several years ago.

All copyrighted characters and commercial products depicted in this drawing belong to their respectful owners.
Kozak's Pork Attack Sandwich
This was a culinary project I had in mind for at least a few weeks and finally made it a reality yesterday after work.  The sandwich has ten strips of bacon, a pound of slab bacon, eight pieces of Canadian bacon, six slices of honey ham, a butterflied pork chop beer-battered and deep fried (and then covered with jalapeno slices and cheddar cheese, with cheese melted under the broiler and drizzled with ghost pepper sauce), and lots of beer cheese (made with Budweiser, sharp cheddar, Gruyere, flour, garlic powder, and ghost pepper sauce) layered between the stacks of meat.  I originally wanted to throw some Andouille and Kielbasa sausage in there as well, but as I was making it, the sandwich was getting so huge I had to leave them out.

Needless to say, I could only eat about half of the sandwich yesterday (though I'll try to finish the rest of it today), and makes the Meat Mountain sandwich at Arby's look like a plain grilled cheese.  If Dagwood was real, even he'd say to himself "Geez, this Kozak guy is out of his mind!"
After reporting to work this morning, I was sent home after being informed that I'll be back to my old job because the management team I answer to needs to wait for the district manager's approval for me to get hired in the job I was working the last two months.  The wait's gonna suck, but if I get good news, I won't have to move like Super Sonic on cocaine because I'll be granted union seniority for that particular job (if you're union, you can't get disciplined or fired for working "too slow").  Also, it'll be nice to not have to work in the blazing sun this week because the temperature in my neck of the woods is hot AF.
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So here I am, wide awake at nearly 3 AM after a series of sporadic naps since Friday morning posting about my life. 

If I can't miraculously work up to the company's unrealistic production quotas this week with the new position I got a month and a half ago, I'll be throw back to my old job.  As much as the practical part of me is telling me to lose my mind because of the sharp drop in pay, I'm honestly not distraught over what will likely happen not just because I'm currently not hurting for money, but because I gave it my best shot and that many coworkers told me that what management wanted out of me was basically impossible to get without doing a bunch of unsafe work practices.

Also, if what's likely inevitable happens at the end of the week, I'll be in a position where I can work more freely on creative endeavors.
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David Kozak
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Personal Quote: The truth is loyal to no narrative, therefore my narrative is built only on things that are actually true.
Despite my best efforts to keep the new job I got back in April, I got disqualified for totally arbitrary reasons.  While the union might be able to do something about it, I'm not betting on it because I didn't have union seniority for that particular job.  As a backup plan, it looks like a better job opened up at a different service center and will try to get that.
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